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Selecting A Roofing Contractor
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Do You Know Your Contractor?
It is of great importance to a consumer to know with whom they are contracting. A few simple questions should be answered. 
Who is the license holder of the business and do they oversee the daily operations? Consumers can visit the website, and go to "Verify a License" and begin a search for the license holder of a business. After the licensed individual is found, one should ask to talk to him/her directly to see if they are involved in supervising daily operations. If it is a large job, we suggest meeting with the license holder. If the license holder does not oversee the operations, who does? According to Florida State Statute 489.111, a licensed individual must act as the qualifying agent of the business to oversee daily operations. However, this evidently is not enforced as we have encountered numerous companies that are qualified by a license holder who has nothing to do with the company's operations.
Who are the owners of a business or the officers and CEO of a company? How long has the company or corporation been active and does it match up with the company's advertisements? Consumers can visit the website and search public records of a company. They can find out much information about an individual or a corporation's practices. Find out who the officers are. Check to see if they have numerous corporations with similar names or in the same field. If they do, ask them why. Do they open and shut corporations on a regular basis? Check officers to see if they have any debt problems.
Does a business have current workers' compensation coverage? Does that business have any history of stop-work orders? Consumers can visit the website, go to "Business and Professionals" then "Protect Yourself" and then select either "Proof of Coverage" or "Stop Work Orders." Type in the business name and start your search. Companies that use a leasing company for its employees will not show proof of coverage because they lease employees, usually because they cannot obtain coverage. If a company has been issued a stop-work order, then they have broken a law or laws concerning workers' compensation coverage, usually to avoid paying for proper coverage. Protect yourself.
Is the business financially solid? Search the CEO, owner or license holder to see if they have any state or federal liens or judgments. Visit the website, go to "Document Search," select either "Federal Lien" or "Judgment Lien" and type in the name of the owner/officer to begin your search. Most counties have a database at the Clerk of Courts official records that can be searched for liens and judgments on a local basis. This can be very important in selecting a contractor that isn't about to go out of business.

Tile Roofs
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Today, many tile roofs are installed using a self-sealing modified underlay. However, if roofs are not installed to prevent water from entering in under the tiles using a self-sealing underlay, the roof will probably have major problems within 10 years, with noticeable problems within a year. All our roofs are installed by skilled workers. Every roof is inspected prior to, during and after installation by the owner, Albert Steppi, a state-certified roofing contractor.
If a tile roof is cleaned with harsh chemicals, chlorine or any solution with an acid-level PH, chemical residues can accumulate in valley and pan flashing, which will rust out causing severe leaks. Chlorine will also put holes in copper flashing. The acid will also slowly eat away at concrete tiles. Never acid-wash a roof. We clean roofs with an environmentally safe cleaning solution and a low-pressure cleaner. Tile roofs can also be sealed to product tile from deteriorating, especially after they have been acid washed, and to help prevent ugly mold from returning.
corrosion damage to flashing
exterior of home with tile roof
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Slate Roofs
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Metal Roofs
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