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Call Us Today!
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About Us

Steppi Roofing Inc. is owned and operated by Albert J. Steppi. Albert has been in business at the same location in Orlando, Florida, for more than 25 years. Many of his key employees have been with him for the majority of those years due to the quality workmanship and service provided.
In today's cyberspace era, just about every company in every trade is a self-proclaimed professional in the highest standard of quality. When it comes down to it, a company will only be as good as its team of employees. The most important employee would have to be the one who oversees all operations. At Steppi Roofing Inc., that person has always been and will continue to be Albert J. Steppi, owner, CEO and general manager of all operations, who supervises all roofing and waterproofing installations.
For the first 20 years, Albert was fortunate to have Mr. Oliver "Pat Woof" Woofenden at his side, a former co-employee, a former roofing contractor as was his father and a wonderful teacher. Pat passed away in 2004. He and his ways will never be forgotten. Albert's wife, Mary, the corporate secretary and office manager, is the voice you will usually hear when you call. 
Employees who report directly to Mr. Steppi include Richard C. Smith, sales, Richard M. Smith, production supervisor, and Mick Barnes, sheet metal manager, who have been with the company more than 25 years each, and Vernon Howard, repairs, who has been an employee for the better part of 20 years. A company needs a core of quality people that not only knows the safest and most functional methods of installation but also are present to witness the process. This is how quality is achieved and maintained at Steppi Roofing Inc.
A roof’s value starts with its design. Albert reviews every roof bid on to ensure that quality is not sacrificed. In poor economic times, consumers search for the best value for their dollar. For many roofers, the bottom line is the most important part of a proposal. However, quality cannot be overlooked. The roof's value should be measured by how long it lasts, the need for maintenance and its ability to protect the building it covers.
A leaky roof can be a costly nightmare causing the need for mold remediation, concerns for the occupants' health, property damage, unexpected repairs, the need for a new roof and a hindrance to the sale of the property if the leak is not repaired.
Quality will be jeopardized if a roof is not installed using the best materials available, designed with proper flashing and layout details, supervised with experience and installed by conscientious employees. Better material, better labor and better designs cost more, which equates to a quality installation costing more. Steppi Roofing Inc. designs roofs that are the best value for the money.
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