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residential roof
The foundation and the roof are often called the most important parts of a building. It is important that both of these get appropriate planning and maintenance.
If a roofing project is a relatively simple one, without many roof planes containing numerous wall, valley, chimney, skylight and cricket flashings, then the experience and skill of the roofing contractor is not such a critical issue.
The most important aspect to consider for your contractor is the ability of their mechanics to perform their work in a safe, correct and organized manner. The experience, knowledge and physical capabilities of the company's workers come into play. An experienced roofing contractor knows not only what to do but also how to control workers to get it done. This can only be accomplished if the workers are employees of the company, not subcontractors.
A roofing contractor that utilizes subcontractors cannot manage the quality of workmanship or the quality of workers on the site. The contractor has no control over who the sub-hires are or the quality of work. This roofing contractor has no obligation to stress the importance of safety through meetings and company training programs, which are required for all company employees. What you end up with is a gamble on who is actually installing your roof when you hire contractors who sublet their installations.
In Florida, a roofing license is required for anyone to practice contracting the installation of roof coverings. The license required by the local building department for roofing is also required of any subcontractor of the roofing contractor. Why is it then that whenever the economy takes a dip and work slows down, I receive a steady flow of roofing crews applying for jobs who claim to be subcontractors, although they do not have a license for roofing?
For the most part, a roofing contractor who is subcontracting out labor will have a lower price than a company who doesn't. But if they are cutting corners on labor, they may also be trimming their price with cheaper building materials or practices. Will you be able to find your contractor if there is a leak or other problem?
Before you select your next roofing contractor, decide if the gamble is worth the risk. The more difficult the job, the more problems that could arise.
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